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IMG_20201012 Shanta1-2.jpg

Shanta Buhsal 

Student at Tribhuwan University

(Business and finance)


Dr. Larry H. Thompson

Retired molecular biologist, conservation supporter, and bird photographer


Seejan Gyawali
Founder and Executive Director

Naturalist and bird guide: BS, MS from Tribhuwan University

Sovit MG_3027.jpg

Sovit K. C.

Field Assistant


How Birds Nepal got started

Dr. Larry Thompson went to Nepal in November 2018 on a bird photography trip with guide Seejan (left) and co-guide Bhoj (right). At that time Seejan had just completed his M.S. degree in Zoology and very much needed employment. During the trip Larry became aware of the difficulty of doing nature conservation work in a poor country having minimal financial resources and few job opportunities for highly-motivated young scientists like Seejan. In 2020 we decided to establish Birds Nepal as a nonprofit conservation organization that promotes sustainable lifestyles, eco-tourism, and scientific studies supporting the protection of endangered birds and other wildlife. Our approach emphasizes the empowerment of women in conservation, and engaging youth by nurturing their appreciation of the wonders of the natural world. 

IMG Shanta & computer.jpg

To Larry from Shanta: "Thanks for accepting me as your daughter. Now, I have a big challenge to learn and write English. I am sorry for my English. I think I have to join English class from basic English. Yes, this computer will help me a lot for my study. I will also learn to type which I feel very good. Although my degree is not related with conservation or wildlife, I still can involve in nature conservation such as by carrying an awareness program in the school and community about impact of overpopulation and its control measures. I am happy to work in the organisation Birds Nepal."

Shanta with new MacBook Pro for her studies in October 2020

20181210 Fishtail Lodge.jpg

Seejan and Larry at Fishtail Lodge in Pokora in Dec 2018


Seejan gets Best Volunteer Award of the Year (2013) from Bird Conservation Nepal

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