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Bird Learning and Research Center

     We hope to establish a regional bird and wildlife center for education and research in the Nawalpur District to house many of the activities listed above. The Narayani River basin (next to Chitwan National Park), is an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area and is well suited for avian research. This is the largest river in Nepal and is home to the critically endangered Gharial Crocodile and Gangetic River Dolphin. The grasslands of the Narayani River basin host many threatened species, such as One-horned Rhinoceros and the critically endangered Bengal Florican. Importantly, this is a key wintering area for numerous waterfowl and wading birds, such as the Bar-headed Goose, that arrive in autumn from Mongolia, China, and Russia.       

    This facility will have a bird blind (shown below), a library, and equipment for training students and for conducting field outings. Researchers will perform long-term census studies on species of interest. Nature awareness and identification of birds will be the focus for visiting students to promote sustainable living.

IMG-20220416-WA0016 copy1.jpg

Aerial view of property with boundaries marked by yellow line (drone photo by Isabella Cortes Lara on April 15, 2022)

3-0215-2-2 Mugger Crocodile near our pond copy.jpg
Black Drongo LHT30143.jpg

Mugger Crocodile                                                                                   Black Drongo

3-0211-2-2 Indian Golden Oriole at our pond copy.jpg
Jungle Cat 20220525- 150658-3.jpg

Indian Golden Oriole                                                                                        Jungle Cat

Grey-headed Swamphen.jpg

Grey-headed Swamp Hen

Excavation for pond 150908.jpg
New pond dig 163735.jpg

Excavation for wildlife pond

A pond containing an island was constructed on the 2 acre of land we purchased next to the Narayani River. It contains a ramp for easy access by rhinos and other mammals

IMG_20220104_165230 copy.jpg
IMG_20220104_165150 copy.jpg
IMG_20220123_155213 copy.jpg

Construction of bird blind next to pond

Concrete posts to support the structure are set in place

Painted Birdblind IMG_20220518_183838.jpg

Reforestation and enhancement of the land

Hundreds of trees have been planted and many kinds of seed-planted wildflowers are flourishing.

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